RabbitEARS is a multifaceted operation, with the goal of improving the lives of our furry friends. The EARS portion of our name is an acronym, which stands for Education, Awareness, Rescue, and Services.

Education. We strive to educate the public about rabbits and other small mammals, including care, handling, nutrition, and behavior, in order to help them have a long and happy life with a loving family.

Awareness: Rabbits and other small mammals can be great pets. They tend to be portrayed as backdrop, something to look at from a distance, when in reality they are amazingly social creatures, with distinctive personalities, big hearts, and playful moods. As with more mainstream pets, environment and interaction effect behavior, so with a little time and efort even the most skittish of these can become the life of the party.

Rescue. Our primary purpose is to function as an 11th hour rescue, in cooperation with traditional animal shelters throughout the bay area. We do not take direct surrenders from individuals, as all of the space in our no kill shelter is reserved for those animals who might otherwise become subject to the euthanasia protocols that other shelters are forced to have. When a bunny or guinea pig has run out of time, they get a second chance with us.

Services. In support of our mission, we offer services and supplies to the public. Our storefront sells high quality foods, pet friendly treats, and useful accessories. We offer boarding services for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Chinchillas, as well as nail trimming. The funds from this feed directly back into our operation, helping to keep our doors open, as well as providing a centralized location to get all of your pet's basic needs met.